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Rapidly create a world-class company / market place for mobile telecom contract and billing smart contract automation.

A founder speaking at a tech visioconference
A founder speaking at a tech visioconference
The Opportunity

The Mobile Telecoms industry has expanded rapidly, generating $1.05 trillion in revenue in 2016.

The competitive nature of the industry makes the rapid growth model a necessity, but this creates problems in increased scaling difficulty. Business support systems need to be maintained and developed to accommodate for more users, which often results in downtime during a crucial stage of subscriber attraction.

As the market reaches saturation point, customer retention is key, leading many MNOs to compete to provide the most flexible and appealing services.

However, traditional consumer contract architecture is slow and cumbersome, leading to delays in delivering updated services and contracts.

multiple cables in a harsh environment
multiple cables in a harsh environment
The Solution

DIADEM applies blockchain technology

  • to overcome many problems around the cost, flexibility, and scalability of business support systems

  • to provide extensive opportunities to enhance product offerings and customer experience

Blockchain networks are distributed across a broad series of computer nodes Can keep the system running even as it is being maintained, leading to reduced or eliminated downtime.

Self-executing, autonomous computer programs called smart contracts Provide a previously unheard level of contract speed and flexibility, allowing for MNOs to keep pace with market demand while the automation greatly reduces overhead costs Users will be able to view their own contracts on the blockchain.

Users pay bills instantly in an easy-to-use app which eliminates paper waste and saves time and money.

the certificate of completion at Trust Valley
the certificate of completion at Trust Valley

Call to Action

The startup is on the verge to tokenise its governance structure with the view of incentivising developers as well as fostering seed investment.