Chess Tennis




Chess tennis is a hybrid indoor & outdoor activity combining the best of chess and tennis. As a not-for- profit organisation, the WCTA is the supreme body responsible for chess tennis and its championships.

a collage mixing chess and tennis actions
a collage mixing chess and tennis actions
The Opportunity
  • Poorly attractive set of rules. Some undertakings have tried to combine chess and tennis; however, their focus being primarily to socialise elderly people, they have been using longer timeframes and less demanding pace.

  • Lack of Standardisation. The sport misses a central organisation drawing clear lines about applicable respective tennis and chess rules and fine-tuning what is necessary for make chess tennis truly thrilling.

  • No certified world championship. Although some claimed having organised the first world championship a couple of years ago, there was no due process adhered upon such as trademark and association registration when such claim has been made. Again, the sport misses a central authority allocating points to the best players

a collage mixing chess and tennis actions
a collage mixing chess and tennis actions
The Solution
  • Purposes. The Association is created to: To bring together national and international chess tennis associations and federations from around the world; and To supervise all international chess tennis competitions.

  • Means. Among others, the Association may undertake the following:

    • To lay down the rules of chess tennis

    • To define the provisions for the organisation of the World Chess Tennis Championships and all other Chess Tennis competitions

    • To determine the conditions for the award of international titles

    • To award international chess tennis titles

    • To fight against cheating and doping

    • To create and develop the graphic charter, and

    • To create fungible and non-fungible exchange tokens

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